Thursday, June 28, 2007

Objective: Tasty Bits.

Every cool car out there has at least a couple sweet parts. Lamborghinis have their vertical doors and crazy paint and wheels. BMWs have their “Angle Eyes” and SMG. The S class Mercedes always comes up with new firsts in the industry. The S111 Spyder already has a lot going for it. No windshield, exposed roll bar, and the huge rear wing all set the car apart from the rest. But that wasn’t enough.

One item that had not been sorted out yet was the wheels. Our current TE37s are light, strong, and look hard core.
Anyone who is familiar with good JDM tuning knows that if a car has TEs, they generally aren’t messing around. But the offsets were not quite right and they required things like spacers and hub-centric rings to fit the car. There are several options out there for 16 and 17 inch wheels, but a good set of 15/16 inch wheels are more difficult to come by. As usual, Sector 111 had the solution.
Not only were the SJ Racing wheels made specifically for the car, but they were a step up because of the increased track and contact patch. We were also able to keep the 15/16 inch size that Neil desired.
Sector 111 also supplied the car with the very cool Ikeya Formula Sequential Shifter. I must admit that this seemed like a bit of a toy when I first saw it. Maybe it is, but after installing the Ikeya Shifter, the entire driving experience changes. Not only is this car going to look like a hard core race car, but it feels like it too! Even just driving around town made me feel like I was cruising the streets in a full fledged race car. While the end result is great, the install to get there was a little more difficult.
This was one of the most difficult steps of the project. It required a lot of patience and careful observation of the instructions. Luckily we had two heads to put this one together. The install itself took a day. It might have been shorter but we had to chase down some parts and tools. By mid morning of the following day the car was back on the road. Despite the constant tweaks that had to be made and still need to be made while we fine tune it, I would say the shifter was well worth the effort.
New Wheel Weights: 11 lbs. (Each front) 14.5 lbs. (Each rear)
Added weight for Ikeya Shifter: 3.55 lbs.
Next week we’ll have a little fun pushing buttons and shed some more weight by removing the AC compressor.