Friday, May 25, 2007

Objective “Simplify and add lightness.”

Target Weight



Lotus was founded in 1952 by Colin Chapman and has since built a name for itself by manufacturing light weight, nimble sports cars. The Elise is taking Lotus back to its roots by following their founder’s philosophy; “simplify and add lightness”.

Sector111 was founded in the spring of 2004, before the Elise even hit the US market. It has since become the leading manufacturer in aftermarket parts for the Federal Elise and Exige.

Both Lotus and Sector111 are built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. When you put the two together you are bound to get something outrageous!

The Sector111 Spyder

The Inspiration

Project Spyder takes the light weight theme of the Elise to an extreme level. Our project started with a 2005 touring pack car weighing in at just under 2000 lbs. The day I picked up my car I knew I wanted it to be different from other Lotuses. I am not one to keep any car I own "stock." A crazy thought came to mind...stripping down an Elise.

I wanted to drive the car as it was for about a year before going this extreme route. I had seen photos of the roofless, windshieldless S1 Elise called The Extreme and thought, "that's what I want my Elise to look like". So my inspiration came initially from the S1 Lotus Extreme. I started the stripping process rather slow by removing the rear speaker panels, the stereo and other little creature comforts. And then I shared my idea of removing the windshield with Shinoo Mapleton, the president of Sector111. Since then, my plans have been accelerated. People ask me all the time... why? I simply answer... why not?

The project begins

With a target weight of 1600 lbs, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Our theory is not necessarily replacing parts with lighter weight parts, but taking them out completely leaving only the essentials needed to enjoy the purest driving experience. Check in weekly as we continue to transform a standard Lotus Elise into the S111 Spyder.


The Stig’s Elise had already clocked over 50,000 miles before the start of the project and was equipped with the following parts (click links to learn more):

Next week we are going to jump right into project Spyder with a light weight radiator install!