Friday, June 8, 2007

Objective: Works Bell/Personal F1 Install and 1st Weigh In

Details: If you look at any race car, they will all have one thing in common; a sweet minimalist steering wheel. If you have ever driven an Elise you know how hard it is to get in and out, especially if you have a deep bolstered seat. A quick release is not only a nice compliment to the steering wheel, but it is going to help when it comes to getting in and out of the car. For our project we went to the top. What better wheel than the little brother of the same wheel used in the McLaren F1 LM!

To mount this wheel we couldn't use just any hub and quick release. We went with the Rapfix II by Works Bell. These products were donated by Aspec Products and Works Bell USA.

This leads us to the moment of truth; the first weigh in!

The first weigh in gave us an official starting point. From then on the car would go from a nice street car to something a little more hard core. Now it’s time to part ways with the ordinary.

Total Weight Savings: 3lbs. (Quick Release and Steering Wheel)

Thanks to the following sponsors:

Works Bell USA
Aspec Products

Next week marks the beginning of the end. The dash is coming out as our project Spyder continues with the Sector 111 diet.